Video course: «Forex-trader. First steps»

Tutorial 1: Forex. Getting started

In this video, we will tell you what financial markets are, what is the point of their work, why it is necessary to use trading platforms and, finally, a little about the platform of Olymp Trade FOREX.

Tutorial 2: Trader's Toolkit

This video is a step-by-step instruction on how to set up your personal cabinet and all the necessary functionality of the trading platform that will be useful to you for successful trading.


Tutorial 3: Stop Loss

From this session, you will learn about one of the key tools of the trader – about the  Stop Loss pending order. It will help you control and minimize your losses, and in some cases – and fix profits.

Tutorial 4: Take Profit

In this video, we will consider one more order – Take Profit – and how to use it to guarantee profit. Learn how to use it competently in trade with Olymp Trade.

Tutorial 5: Multiplier

How can you get more funds for trading at your own expense to increase the potential profit? Correctly – use the multiplier. How to do it – in this video!

Tutorial 6: The First Trade

Follow our instructions from this video, try your hand at opening the first deal!