Video course “Introduction to the basics of technical analysis”

Fundamentals of technical analysis

This video tutorial talks about the fundamentals and basic laws of technical analysis and the kinds of technical analysis. The Olymp Trade Forex platform enables you to use a wide range of tools for chart, candlestick or indicator analysis.


What is a trend, what kind of trends are there? What graphic formations tell us that a trend exists? How do you correctly identify a trade and make the right trading decision to profit while trading on the Olymp Trade Forex platform? We’ll tell you all this in this video tutorial.


Support and resistance levels

Support and resistance levels are the foundation on which almost all technical analysis is built. This tutorial will teach you what kind of tool they are and how to use them correctly on the Olymp Trade Forex platform to identify signals for entering a trade.

Patterns and candlestick analysis

This video tutorial will teach you about the most effective and popular technical analysis methods – analysis of the Japanese candlesticks chart and candlestick combinations – patterns. With this knowledge you’ll be able to guess a trend reversal and open more successful trades while trading at Olymp Trade Forex.


This video tutorial talks about indicator analysis and its purpose and the basic functions of indicators. Indicators don’t predict a future situation, but help you understand the market more accurately. Use indicator analysis in trading FOREX on the Olymp Trade Forex platform and close more profitable trades.